When it comes to connecting to the internet, there’s almost nothing as important as the router. Your modem may provide the gateway to and from the network, but without a router, you’re facing severe limitations on both the number of devices you can connect and their location within the home. With the ability to connect… Read More

Closeup of the front panel of an AV receiver

If you’re into music, movies, and gaming, your AV receiver is one essential component you simply won’t be able to live without. But what is an AV receiver, and what does it do? From relaxing with the radio to immersing yourself in the world of online gaming, your AV receiver allows you to control it… Read More

DSL Modem

What is a DSL modem? And how does it work? If you’re reading this at home, there’s a very good chance you’re accessing the internet through either a DSL or cable modem, especially if you’re using a home computer. You’re probably aware that the modem in question allows the different devices in your home –… Read More

Internet Speedometer

In all probability, almost everyone you know goes online and uses the internet to some extent or another. Whether it’s simply for social media and email, streaming music and movies, gaming, or even all of the above, the speed of your internet connection is just one factor in determining the quality of your online experience…. Read More


The days of the 56Kbps dial-up internet connection may be gone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed a lightning-fast surfing experience. The speed you get will depend upon a lot of different factors, including the modem you’re using. So when it comes to DSL modems vs. cable modems, what’s the difference? If you’ve already… Read More

Removeable Laptop Battery

Unfortunately, no laptop battery lasts forever, and the day will eventually come when yours no longer works as well as it once did. You might see this as being a good excuse to buy a new laptop, but not everyone has that kind of money at their disposal. Replacing the battery may be an inexpensive… Read More

Tablet vs Laptop

If you’re in need of a new laptop, you may have considered purchasing a tablet instead; after all, many of today’s tablets have similar capabilities to a laptop and it will probably cost you less money. But when it comes to a tablet vs. laptop, which one is better? Unfortunately, this isn’t a clear-cut situation… Read More

Angry Man with Laptop

Nothing is worse than having a Dell laptop that won’t turn on – especially when you need it for work or to access some important information. This can be a fairly common problem with laptops (particularly older ones) but fortunately, it can be relatively easy to fix a Dell laptop. What Should I Do if… Read More

Gaming laptop

We all know that gaming often requires the best hardware, and while it’s easy enough to shop around for the best laptop within your budget, simply buying the laptop isn’t the end of the story. In fact, regardless of the amount you’ve spent, there are always additional steps you can take to improve the gaming… Read More