Tablet and Dollars

Are you looking for a tablet under $300? The good news is that there are lots of excellent tablets available at budget prices. Whether you want to browse the web, play games, connect with family and friends on social media, or use your tablet for school or work, we’ve got some great options for you…. Read More

Man relaxing in a comfortable office chair leaning back

Office chairs are an important part of your office or gaming setup, and if you want a quality chair that’s comfortable but doesn’t break the bank, there are several excellent office chairs under $200 to consider. Even if you’re not working with a tight budget, saving some money on a quality office chair means you… Read More

gaming modem

A modem for gaming is an essential component in your gaming tech arsenal. If you enjoy gaming, investing in a high-quality modem that delivers a fast and steady connection will help ensure smoother gameplay and prevent frustrating issues like lag and lost connections. Our expert reviewed dozens of modems for gaming to identify the best… Read More

WiFi routers for multiple devices

A WiFi router is a device that connects to your modem and allows you to share your wireless internet connection with devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and more. These days, many of us have lots of different devices in our homes, so a WiFi router for multiple devices is an essential piece of… Read More

gaming laptop

If you need a laptop powerful enough to run your video games but don’t have an unlimited budget, you need to check out the best gaming laptops under $800. Video games are requiring more and more from the machines that run them, but we can’t all shell out a grand or more to buy a… Read More

DSL Modem

A DSL modem lets you stay connected with the outside world by connecting WiFi routers and computers to the internet. As such, a DSL modem is an essential device for residential internet access. Our tech expert found these 5 great options for DSL subscribers, including our top pick, the NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL Modem, which… Read More

AV Receiver

An AV receiver is the brains of your home theater system, so it makes sense to choose a quality unit – but what if you’re looking for AV receivers under $500? While AV receivers can certainly run the gamut in terms of pricing, there’s no shortage of quality models available at a budget-friendly price point…. Read More