When it comes to connecting to the internet, there’s almost nothing as important as the router. Your modem may provide the gateway to and from the network, but without a router, you’re facing severe limitations on both the number of devices you can connect and their location within the home. With the ability to connect… Read More

DSL Modem

What is a DSL modem? And how does it work? If you’re reading this at home, there’s a very good chance you’re accessing the internet through either a DSL or cable modem, especially if you’re using a home computer. You’re probably aware that the modem in question allows the different devices in your home –… Read More


The days of the 56Kbps dial-up internet connection may be gone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed a lightning-fast surfing experience. The speed you get will depend upon a lot of different factors, including the modem you’re using. So when it comes to DSL modems vs. cable modems, what’s the difference? If you’ve already… Read More

WiFi routers for multiple devices

A WiFi router is a device that connects to your modem and allows you to share your wireless internet connection with devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and more. These days, many of us have lots of different devices in our homes, so a WiFi router for multiple devices is an essential piece of… Read More

DSL Modem

A DSL modem lets you stay connected with the outside world by connecting WiFi routers and computers to the internet. As such, a DSL modem is an essential device for residential internet access. Our tech expert found these 5 great options for DSL subscribers, including our top pick, the NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL Modem, which… Read More