Must have tech gifts for mom

Whether it’s for her birthday, a holiday is on the horizon, or “just because,” mom deserves the best tech gifts on the market. Even if mom isn’t all that tech-savvy, today’s smart gadgets make it easier for her to enjoy the modern conveniences available. From phone chargers to home security to fitness trackers and more, we’ve compiled the top nine must-have items your mom will love.

Personal Trackers

Does mom frequently lose her stuff? Personal trackers are designed to keep track of personal objects, such as keys, wallets, sunglasses, and bags. Using Bluetooth and a specialized app, mom can find her belongings via her phone, whether they’re in close proximity or far away. Ping the tracker to elicit a noise or use the app to hone in on the location of the device. Featuring a price tag of around $30 to $40, check out brands such as Apple AirTag and Tile to help mom find her stuff.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

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Help mom tune out the world around her and reduce her stress with wireless earbuds.1 Rather than being tied to a cord that can tangle, wireless earbuds allow the user to move around unencumbered while playing music, podcasts, or audiobooks. With prices from about $60 to $280, mom can enjoy hands-free listening or revel in noise reduction for up to 4 to 7 hours. Brands such as Bose and 1More use Bluetooth connectivity, while Apple allows you to connect to the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Wireless Chargers

Maybe mom needs a new charger for her phone. Wireless chargers eliminate the need to hunt around for the charging cord. Instead, the magnetic stand or decorative platform sits in one spot ready to recharge one or more devices at a time. Prices range from around $40 to upward of $125, depending on the type and style you’re looking for. Courant offers a leather charger that also doubles as a holder for items such as keys, coins, and jewelry, keeping all of mom’s things in one place.


Give mom the gift of books, movies, music, and more with a personal computer that’s easy to carry around. From reading ebooks to viewing movies to drawing or writing, tablets offer a wide range of functions right at mom’s fingertips. Often more affordable and convenient than a large desk computer, tablets can also double as a small laptop when using an attachable keyboard. Click here for a list of some of the best, most affordable tablets.

Smart Herb Gardens

Shop around for smart herb gardens or plant monitors for the mom who doesn’t have time to tend to her indoor plants. With automated reminders and alerts, smart gardens – which can hold herbs, flowers, or vegetables, take the guesswork out of when to water or feed the plants. They also automatically control the lighting through LED lights. From as little as $10 for a plant monitor to upward of $700 for an entire smart garden farm, mom can add having a green thumb to her long list of skills. And who knows? This may give her a little boost to her mental health.2

Smart Jewelry

Present mom with high-tech jewelry that’s both functional and stylish. From bracelets to necklaces to pins and clutches, smart jewelry can track sleep, menstrual cycles, and stress levels, like the Bellabeat Leaf Urban, Chakra, or Crystal. Some smart jewelry can even play music, like the Stelle Mini-Clutch, or snap pictures and send out emergency signals, such as the Sharemore Necklace. With prices anywhere from around $50 to $150, smart jewelry dazzles as an accessory for just about every outfit.

Fitness Trackers

Personal Tracker

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Fitness trackers track activity levels, sleep levels, and even health status. Whether mom wants to count her steps, monitor her heart rate, or track her sleep pattern, fitness trackers can help her do just that. Some fitness trackers require a phone and an app, while others are solo, wireless devices, such as the Fitbit. Trackers can range in price from about $25 to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you want it to do.

Smart Speakers

Get mom a virtual assistant through a smart speaker. These voice-activated virtual assistants can help mom stay hands-free while she makes a phone call, plays music, checks on sports stats or bank balances, and learns about the local weather or traffic. With a myriad of brands to choose from, such as Google, Amazon, Bose, Sonos, and Apple, mom may also be able to adjust the thermostat, turn the lights off or on, and activate a home security camera just by using her voice.

Video Doorbells

Ding dong. Who’s there? Video doorbells allow mom to see who’s at the door without opening it, much like home security cameras. Using WiFi, the video doorbell sends an alert to mom’s phone whenever someone presses the doorbell or steps in front of it. An app allows mom to see who’s there and even converse with them. Prices span from about $100 to $250 and typically require a monthly subscription.

Tech gifts for mom don’t have to be complicated or expensive to show her how much she means to you. Take time to find out what could help her or what she might enjoy. After all, she’s your mom.

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